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Downtown Madison is a business hub filled with woman-owned businesses!

Downtown Madison, Indiana businesses have grown in several ways since the beginning of this year. Twenty-three new businesses have opened their doors since January 1st, and a majority of them have been woman-owned. With a community population of approximately 12,500 people, and over 200 known businesses in the historic commercial shopping district alone, Madison has truly flourished into an entrepreneurial hub that is supported by residents and visitors with a growing population of woman-owned businesses.

Since 2012, the Small Business Administration has been supporting National Women's Small Business Month during the month of October. National Women's Small Business Month was started to celebrate woman-owned businesses and their lasting impact on their communities. If we consider where Main Street was prior to 1988, having nearly 80 known women-owned businesses is an astounding feat. In a historic community such as downtown Madison, where it was considered rare or prohibited in many cases throughout history for a woman to solely own and operate a business, this is a remarkable concentration of growth. Flash forward to 2022, and those 80 downtown businesses owned or operated by women are laying the foundation for our future business community.

When asked what it means to be a woman-owned business, each of these business owners responded in a way that mentioned their "support." Support can be identified through customer bases, customer diversity, vendor relationships, product support, as well as promotional support.

Ways You Can Support Women-Owned Businesses

  • Network with Women-Owned Businesses! Talk to them, hear them out, and connect with them.

  • Share and promote products from your favorite Women-Owned Businesses on social media, among friend groups, on your blog, and within your network.

  • Volunteer with Women-Owned Businesses! Consider asking your neighboring shops if you can volunteer during business holidays or events. Be their ambassador and direct customers to new products, and in-store events, or help with projects as needed!

  • Invest and donate to help women in business. There are several agencies and organizations that assist with certifications, training, and scholarships for Women-Owned Businesses.

  • Shop with them! Show your support through uplifting Women-Owned Businesses' products or services. Your support can be as simple as that!

The question now is, how are you supporting your local Women-Owned Businesses?

We cannot wait to see you downtown!

Madison Main Street Program

Austin Sims

Executive Director, 812-274-0385


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