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Join Downtown Madison shops on July 20th and 21st for some sweet deals! This annual event is fun for everyone! Bring the family and your friends and shop Candyland!...we mean Main Street!

Historic Candyland (1).jpg


Navigate the rainbow sidewalks to get the sweetest of deals for the annual Sidewalk Sale in downtown Madison! Join Downtown Madison shops on July 20th to celebrate and have a full day of shopping!

Want to win a $100 Gift Card to your favorite Downtown Madison shop?

When you make a purchase with participating downtown stores, you fill out a shopping pass. Each shopping pass is your entry to possibly win a $100 gift card back to that shop! (Just like Holiday Open House)

We can’t wait to see you in Candyland!….we mean Main Street!!!


2023's Theme: Barbie! Stay tuned for 2024 Photos

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