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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Learn more about the City of Madison's program and how you can receive funding for your building!

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The P.A.C.E. Program stands for the Preservation And Community Enhancement Program. The Program was started in 2014 and was then expanded in 2020. The program's primary goal is to encourage economic development through historic preservation and rehabilitation of residential and commercial buildings within the Madison Historic District boundaries. The program provides eligible property owners with a certain amount of funds, depending upon the specific grant, for their project.

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There are three different types of grants under the P.A.C.E. Program: the Rehabilitation Grant, the Dilapidated Structures Grant, and the Dangerous Buildings Grant. Each grant has different qualifications and specifics about what costs will be covered. The Rehabilitation Grant focuses on the structural or exterior rehabilitation of historic buildings. The Dilapidated Structures Grant is utilized for partial demolition of dilapidated buildings that are then rehabbed. This involves structures that pose a potential risk of injury or damage due to the collapse or fall of any portion of the building. Work eligible for grant funding includes but is not limited to structural and electrical updates up to $25,000. The third grant is the Dangerous Buildings Grant which provides funding for the demolition of buildings deemed dangerous within the city. These structures must be declared unsafe by the city's Building Inspector in order to receive the Dangerous Buildings Grant.

The program is going to be expanded in 2022 with the addition of 2 more grants, so that will be a total of 5 different grant options within the P.A.C.E. Program. These two new sub-grants are being funded through the National Park Service Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant. The city was awarded $325,000 to function as an extension of the P.A.C.E. Program. Those eligible for the first sub-grant program will be properties owned or rented by someone who does not have the financial means to fund the costs associated with building rehabilitation. 100% of the costs under this specific grant will be covered.

The second sub-grant program is an addition to the Dilapidated Structures Grant and will focus on properties that are being considered for demolition due to neglect. It is important to note that only properties that are already listed in Madison's Historic Register District and Madison's National Historic Landmark District will be considered for the 2 new sub-grant programs that are being funded by the National Park Service grant.

306 Jefferson Street

Can a building receive P.A.C.E. funds more than once? Yes, an owner can apply for a P.A.C.E. grant more than once, but they would have to wait 2 years after receiving their last disbursement before applying again.

Is there any difference in how residential and commercial properties are treated? No, residential and commercial properties are treated equally, but owner-occupied structures do obtain high scores. This also includes situations where building owners operate the commercial business within the building.

There are different qualifications and requirements for each grant, so be sure to check those out before applying! The beginning of your building's rehab project could start today!

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Emily McKinney

Madison Main Street Program



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