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Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Work

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Soule has been a licensed massage therapist for 16 years and is the former owner of Eco-Massage. Due to the change in her practice, she has rebranded and landed herself a beautiful space now located at 201 East Main Street, Madison, Indiana. Jennifer now specializes in Craniosacral therapy.

Imagine laying on an extra soft massage table. Relaxing music is playing. The smell of aromatherapy in the air. Through gentle touch, Jennifer will assess your Craniosacral rhythm. This rhythm is created through the cerebral spinal fluid that runs up and down your spine and actually massages your brain. This system regulates our central nervous system. So many of us are stuck in fight-or-flight mode. When our bodies stay in a sympathetic state, our immune system weakens, and we can develop chronic pain patterns, anxiety, depression, TMJ, and many more ailments. Craniosacral therapy helps reset the nervous system allowing your body to feel deeply relaxed, refreshed, and many times, free from pain.

Learn more about Soule Healing here: Soule Healing Or schedule your appointment with Jennifer via phone: 812-701-2418.

We can't wait to see you in downtown Madison!


Austin Sims

Madison Main Street Program

Executive Director

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