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The highlights of this annual fundraiser!

Farm to Table Main Course - All Photo Credits to Wonderland Studios LLC

Farm to Table plating. All photo credits to Wonderland Studios, LLC.

When you think of Farm to Table, what comes to mind?

For us, Farm to Table means, bringing people together to enjoy locally produced ingredients and highlighting our Madison Farmers Market. This ticketed annual event is a fundraiser for the Madison Farmers Market. You may recall, that Madison Main Street began managing the Farmers Market in 2021. Since this inheritance, we have hired a market manager, increased weekly vendor attendance, and grown this local market with the help of the vendors and customers. The venue, the people, the community, the dinner, and the music set the scene for this special night!

Continue reading below to learn how this event is possible.

Farm to Table plating. All photo credits to Wonderland Studios, LLC.

In 2015, a group of determined local people involved with the Madison Farmers Market and the Madison Main Street Program put together a plan to make The Farm to Table Dinner dream a reality. More than just a fundraiser for the Farmers Market. The Farm to Table Dinner is a chance to connect hungry mouths with the local hands that grow, raise, and nurture the bounty of our table. Incredible local food and great fellowship help foster the relationship between our community and small local farms while helping to uplift one of our oldest small business sectors. This event is not only a chance to celebrate being Indiana's Oldest Farmers market, but it celebrates our community in a way beyond your imagination.

A volunteer planning committee worked with market vendors and Chef Vanessa Goode of Prosser Career Education Center to create a meal that would showcase the talent and livelihood of these vendors. Over 6 months, a menu was created and delivered to 140 guests. Chef Vanessa and her students prepared a family-style meal that was served by volunteer students from Madison Consolidated High School, Shawe Memorial JR/SR High School, Southwestern High School, and Richwood on the River staff. Four courses were served along with bread to share, each created by market vendors or ingredients produced by market vendors.

"These are the events that bring the community together and reflect its strong business roots and show how special Madison really is." - Madison's Mayor, Bob Courtney

Madison Farmers Market Vendors - All Photo Credits to Wonderland Studios, LLC.

Madison Farmers Market Farm to Table vendors and staff. All photo credits to Wonderland Studios, LLC.

Pictured above are Madison Farmers Market Vendors who produced ingredients specifically for this fundraiser and attended the event. Learn more about the Farm to Table vendors below:

Community partners included:

Farm to Table volunteers. All photo credits to Wonderland Studios, LLC.

You may be wondering, "so why is the Farm to Table event held at the Broadway Fountain?" And our response is.."How could it NOT BE!?" This elegant evening is typically centered around Madison's Historic Broadway Fountain. This year, Mother Nature had different plans and threatened thunderstorms for the duration of the event. Vendors, guests, and volunteers quickly adjusted and moved the fundraiser indoors to Trinity United Methodist Church. Just like the love for Broadway Fountain, the Farm to Table Dinner is loved by many.

Check out why we love the Farm to Table Dinner!

Farm to Table guests. All photo credits to Wonderland Studios, LLC.

"We are nothing without our vendors, our customers, and our supportive community and we thank you all for what you do to make our Market a destination!" - Gina, Madison Farmers Market Manager

This fundraiser could not have been possible without the support of our local vendors and volunteers. Get to know Madison Main Street and the vendors that make up the Madison Farmers Market by joining us in beautiful downtown Madison for our weekly market at the Broadway Fountain. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or vendor, please contact us at: or

We can't wait to see you downtown!

Madison Main Street Program

Austin Sims

Executive Director, 812-274-0385


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