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CRAWL Main Street and enjoy some of your favorite treats.

Flip through the above images to see more of what Madison has to offer!

Downtown Madison, Indiana is your destination for a flavorful scoop of ice cream, a crisp adult beverage, and a shopping experience you won't forget. Of our thirty-two eateries/bars, 4 are ice cream/yogurt shops, 4 others are coffee shops, and 3 are wineries/distilleries. All locally owned! Each bring their unique take on the classics.

From cocktails to milkshakes, Main Street has you covered. Try a Bay Breeze from Red on Main. Maybe Blackberry Cobbler ice cream from Scoops or a Cookie Dough on a cone from Sallie's Small Batch Ice Cream. You may honestly consider a dessert crawl or beverage crawl!

These thirty-two eateries/bars are sprinkled throughout downtown Madison's historic 133 block contiguous landmark district. That means you and friends can enjoy a walkable experience of downtown Madison while simultaneously appreciating its history. Between your next stop, you can shop with local retails, experience local art, and catch live music. Downtown business owners take pride in making Madison your destination for these treats. Come shop and see for yourself!

We can’t wait to see you downtown!

Madison Main Street Program

Austin Sims

Executive Director, 812-274-0385


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