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Support and celebrate downtown Madison, Indiana during Pride month!

Indiana State Flag for Pride Month 2022.

The month of June kicks off the season for outdoor music concerts, the summer farmers market, car shows, sidewalk sales, garden tours, and festivals. The month of June is also Pride Month. Pride Month is celebrated in June to honor the Stonewall Uprising of 1969. Currently, it provides the opportunity for communities to celebrate and support their LGBT+ people.

Downtown Madison has several LGBT+ owned and operated businesses. Downtown Madison is an inclusive and welcoming community to shop and visit. Founded in 1809, Madison and Madison’s Main Street is a robust, rural community full of history. Being one of Indiana’s oldest cities, it has supported many different families, people, and businesses over the centuries. Madison is perfectly situated between 3 major cities and caters to frequent tourists during holidays and events. It also caters to its supportive and growing local residential base. Like many rural communities, Madison has its obstacles, but it has always embraced being a safe space.

In May of 2019, the Rainbow River Club (RRC) was founded in Madison with the purpose to support LGBT+ persons and allies, businesses, and friends. RRC is a harmonious group working to celebrate their pride and celebrate local businesses! On a regular basis, LGBT+ allied and owned businesses host the RRC for social gatherings. It is a wonderful way for downtown business owners to connect with customers and provide a safe space for LGBT+ people.

So, how can you celebrate Pride Month in downtown Madison? Shop with these locally owned businesses! Communicate with local and supportive groups such as RRC, to host a gathering in the future! Place a rainbow sticker in the corner of your storefront window or display the rainbow flag to show your support. Consider a conversation to listen and learn more from the LGBT+ community.

Helpful resources:

Madison Main Street is full of pride and we cannot wait to see you downtown!

Madison Main Street Program

Austin Sims

Executive Director, 812-274-0385


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