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Take it from an expert on traveling! Read below about Megan's experience shopping, dining, hiking, and exploring downtown Madison and the Madison area.

Sights on Main Street Madison from Color And Curiosity taken by Megan Zink

Megan is a journalist. photographer, and marketer based out of Chicago, Illinois who spent time in Madison, Indiana this past year. In her blog, Megan really got the full experience of Madison. She was able to hike and enjoy Clifty Falls, our local state park, which is within walking distance of our downtown district and Main Street! After exploring and working up an appetite, she was able to get a taste of Madison from the local area restaurants and some of our artisan coffee shops. Megan shopped with some of our 150+ businesses and got a real sense of the community while visiting!

To read more about Megan's experience, click the following link to read the full blog post Things to do in Madison, Indiana

"Things To Do in Madison, Indiana - A Historic Midwest Hideaway" was written by Megan Zink with Color & Curiosity. Learn more or subscribe here COLOR & CURIOSITY

Madison Main Street Program

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