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Annual Assessment with National Main Street & Indiana Main Street in downtown Madison, Indiana.

Logo provided by National Main Street Center

Madison Main Street Program (MMSP) is a Nationally-Accredited Main Street. MMSP meets requirements annually to maintain this accreditation and membership with Main Street America. Part of these requirements and standards include annual reporting on private and public investments, partnerships, paid staff, workshops, trainings, committee work plans and budgets, volunteer hours, and business growth, expansion, loss, or retention. Last week, we were thrilled to host Abby Huff, Outreach and Organization Manager with Indiana Main Street, and Kathy La Plante, Senior Program Officer and Director of Coordinating Program Services at Main Street America (MSA)

MMSP board members and staff prepared an agenda that included one-on-ones with Promotions, Farmers Market, Design, Organization, and Economic Vitality Committee Chairs. One-on-one meetings also included time with Mayor Bob Courtney and city staff, 5 local businesses and organizations, and MMSP President and Vice President. Each meeting discussed the budget, work plans, initiatives, and partnerships with MMSP.

MMSP is a proud partner to the National Main Street Center and affiliated communities. Click on the following to learn more about Main Street America and Indiana Main Street

Madison Main Street Program

Austin Sims

Executive Director, 812-274-0385


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Is there a way to purchase those Madison mugs? Would love to order and pay for shipping! Thank you!

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