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3 blocks from the banks of one of the Midwest's most frequented waterways lies historic downtown Madison, Indiana! Paddle, bike, boat, or hike to Madison. Downtown shops and restaurants are here to welcome you!


Interested in biking, hiking, running, walking, or paddling to Madison? Thanks to the recent River Town Review survey, conducted in partnership with the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail/NPS (LCNHT), the Ohio River Recreation Trail (ORRT), and the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program/NPS (RTCA) was graded "very walkable."

Only 3 blocks from our mighty Ohio River banks lies our historic shopping district. Parallel to the river, Main Street is home to 200+ businesses including restaurants, the diverse retail, vintage, and antique stores, a boat marina, 3 coffee shops, 4 ice cream shops, a historic hotel, brewstillaries, wineries, bike shop, and much more! Rent a bike or bring the canoe, downtown Madison is waiting for you!

add images and info for bike rentals, marina, riverfront businesses, trail hiking and trail millage in downtown Madison, link to ORW.

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