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Enjoy the historic architecture, hospitality, and creativity in the historic commercial shopping district of downtown Madison, Indiana.

Created by Freddie Sizemore II

Mural created by Freddie Sizemore II.

When you shop local, you are supporting local artists, supporting local talent, and keeping your money local! Murals can provide a unique experience for all to enjoy. They can also tell the story of historic Madison from many different perspectives over time. Featured walls of art can be found on the outside and inside of buildings in Madison.

A number of downtown Madison stores carry handcrafted items curated by local artists, as well as murals. Check out this mural below the next time you are out for #TacoTuesday at the Off Broadway Taproom.

Off Broadway Taproom mural.

Other downtown businesses like Fountain Alley BodyCare like to change things up! By having a majority of their retail space covered in chalk paint, they can change the walls as they change their displays. The chalk murals can illustrate a new product the owners have created, or be a simple scene like what was displayed below, to create a whimsical experience for their customers.

Fountain Alley BodyCare mural.

Sometimes, murals and creative corners of downtown buildings are found where you least expect them! Found under layers of flooring or paneling, building owners have the choice to re-cover and preserve items like this, feature them in their displays, or wait and decide later! This small, hand-painted floor in the image below can be found in a new store coming to downtown Madison called Neat. Neat. will carry #vintage items, and #retro sets for the bar and home. Follow them here to learn more: Neat.

Other times, murals can be used in a common space, like a restroom, to provide a point of interest a customer may not be expecting. This is exactly what the owners of MadLove thought when they decided to be creative with the wall space of the restroom at their new restaurant.

Some murals and scenes can stand the test of time! Just like this space scene that can be found on a bench in the Thomas Family Winery. Local artist, Kevin Carlson, made this standard bench into a stary vision!

A majority of the murals created in Madison have been produced by local artists who have neighboring brick and mortars in the historic district. These building owners and artists are true visionaries. They are creating, distilling, crafting, brewing, painting, cooking, pairing, coordinating, planting, recording, and serving their community and visitors. The next time you go shopping in downtown Madison, consider the local artists and talent you are surrounded by. Interested in learning more about art in the historic commercial shopping district of downtown Madison? Contact our community partners at the Madison Area Arts Alliance!

Don't let your search for Madison-made items stop with murals! Look for locally crafted items the next time you shop in downtown Madison. Check out the businesses and buildings below to kick off your search.

We can't wait to see you downtown!

Madison Main Street Program

Austin Sims

Executive Director, 812-274-0385


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