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Exterior building care


Flemming, Ronald Lee. Façade Stories: Changing Faces of Main Street Storefronts and How to Care for Them. New York: Hasting House, 1982.
This book looks at how 19th century commercial structures have survived, been changed, rediscovered and reinterpreted. It provides dozens of case studies to support its conclusions, for example showing how encapsulating buildings in tin siding destroyed appearance and occasionally the structure of historic buildings across the nation.

Foulks, William G. Historic Building Facades: the Manual for Maintenance & Rehabilitation. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1997.
Understanding and caring for the historic facades is a challenge that this book outlines. It starts with how to create a maintenance plan, then analyzes the specific types of materials and construction from brick and mortar to cast iron and sheet metal. Each article is written by specialists in their field.

Hutchins, Nigel. Restoring Houses of Brick & Stone. Toronto: Van Nortstrand Reinhold, 1982.
A practical guide for inspecting, maintaining, repairing and constructing with brick and stone in historic structures. This volume also touches on use of masonry in fireplaces, landscaping, building additions and the proper tools and historic mortar mixes.

Johnson, Ed. Old House Woodwork Restoration: How to Restore Doors, Windows, Walls, Stairs and Decorative Trim to Their Original Beauty. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1983.
Due to painting and maintenance, wood trim and siding is an underappreciated aspect of the historic home in the 21st century. This volume details how the home’s wooden elements were originally made and how to repair and refinish the woodwork.

London, Mark. Masonry: How to Care for Old and Historic Brick and Stone. Washington: Preservation Press, 1988.
Methods for preserving a masonry building’s character by identifying types of brick and stone and diagnosing and repairing masonry problems. It also examines how to clean and repoint brick and stone as well as finding and treating moisture problems.

Moss, Roger W., ed. Paint in America: The Colors of Historic Buildings. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1994
Did they really use that gaudy color in the 1840s? This book answers this question and more. It details use of paint color and technology on historic structures through case studies and hands-on methods for paint analysis, restoration and painting techniques.

New York Landmarks Conservancy. Repairing Old and Historic Windows: A Manual for Architects and Homeowners. Washington: Preservation Press, 1992.
Old windows are often the first fixtures to be replaced in an historic structure. This is a very detailed volume that shows how to evaluate and repair a wide range of window problems. Also guidelines and procedures for replacing and rehabilitating historic windows.

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